My Journey in Pictures.

I was a size 16/18 when I got married in 1988. I was conscious of my size and whilst initially I had found a suitably flattering wedding dress, 2 weeks prior to our wedding the shop informed me that there would be no dress and I had to find an alternative.
The choice was limited for my size - so a lampshade it was!

Loving spending time cooking for Jon I often had the same portion size and finished off any left overs as I cleared the table.

How I loved cooking.....and eating!






When I saw this photograph of my 40th birthday party I was mortified and decided I had to do something about it. Over a period of  years I did a mixture of diets nothing seemed to give me the enjoyment of food I had. I eventually joined my local Slimmingworld class and in 2008 I was nearing my target weight.

HOWEVER....I thought I could go it alone, only to find the pounds strted to creep back. After a couple of years my friend captured me on the beach. The picture says it all. I re-joined my Slimmingworld class again. This time determined to stick at it.

In November 2012 I was nominated for and won the Miss Slinky competition.

In June 2013 I achieved my target weight with a weight loss of almost 2 and a half stone.
 I took part in the Race for Life along with my pals from Slimming world.

In June we celebrated our silver wedding. I felt so much happier in my dress than my wedding dress.

The icing on the cake came in August when I was voted Inspirational Woman of the Year at my Slimming World Class. To be nominated alongside such wonderful, inspiring women was an honour in itself.

As a member of the social team it is my job to welcome new members and ensure they are included in all that is happening in our little part of the world. I will always be part of the group, as I know only too well I can not do it alone.
We have a saying in our group "Drips fill buckets!" ie small weight losses add up.
In my case it works the other way too - and my own saying is "Pounds fill knickers - big knickers!" 

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  1. Amazing D! I am so inspired to keep going, and you look lovely in your anniversary dress x